Here at Enchanted in Romance like to provide authors affordable prices for advertisement. We base our prices per month if you are an author who want to do a whole year email us.

We offer basically 2 different kinds of advertisement

1. Monthly  2. Yearly

Monthly is based on of course a banner or bookcover per month

Yearly is based on any new releases or previous books you have we'll post that banner for each update.



If you like to send a check or money-order email me offline for address



For banners of any size whether animated or not will be linked to either the publisher or your author website.

$10 per month or $100 of any book for a whole year


Book Cover Pics


Any book cover image of newest release or reissue

$5 per month or $55 for a whole year


Author Days or Publisher Days

Want to spread news about latest reviews, interact with other readers. Then we have the place for you at Enchanter's Loop. Schedule any day to host and Author Day or Publisher Day. You can have a full day or full day choice is yours.


What's involved in this?

Readers ask you questions, you share latest excerpts, new releases, contests you having, interviews, other upcoming chats, Q & A. To schedule one just click on the button to the right to set up one.