The Society 2: Midas's Treasure by Brenda Bryce

ISBN: 1-59632-191-1


Loose ID Publishing

Electronic Book


It started out just a normal, routine Friday for Aileen Slipsworthy. Eat dinner, catch a movie, walk home and go to bed. She had just completed the movie, and had started on her way home. Aileen sometimes got lonely because there was not another house around hers. When she was about to let herself into the house, there was a man with long black hair and glowing red eyes! He grabs her, bites her neck that brings her almost to an orgasmic release and then she passes out. When she awakens, he informs her that his name is Mykil and she is his mate. Now they are now both vampires. Aileen realizes her life will never be the same. She is a vampire with telekinesis, telepathy and shape shifting among other new founded skills. Does she want to live life this way? Does Mykil really want her or is it just a Sumerian gene thing?


Mykil Votad never meant to turn Aileen into a vampire He was hungry for blood that night and her scent drew him toward her house. When he started to drink from her neck, he got lost in the essence of her. He took to much blood. The only option Mykil had was to give her a blood transfusion, then blank her memory. Just before doing this, he got a strange vibe off her, beyond normal attraction. It is then he discovers she had the Sumerian gene and is his mate! He completes the transfusion, which does the ultimate thing. It saves Aileen from death, and makes her a vampire. Aileen wakes up, scared and mad. Mykil's battle of the heart has just begun, and Aileen is taking no prisoners.


Aileen and Mykil have begun an unusual relationship. One minute, Aileen is a quiet children's book writer, now a full-fledged vampire. She is not sure she wants to live this kind of life. Mykil must prove to Aileen that it is not that bad being a vampire, and can be quite enjoyable. Even though she is his mate, he never expected to love or need her so much. Mykil has to find a way to win her heart before she decides she might not want to live anymore.


Midas's Treasure is indeed a treasure of a story. I found myself wrapped up in Aileen's situation.  She is rather calm about the whole "vampire" thing. When Aileen finds out that Mykil is not lying, it is interesting how she adapts to all the new changes in her. Poor, Mykil he does not know how to deal with all of Aileen's radical mood changes. A paranormal love story that will leave you wanting more, and more you'll get. The last page, gives hint of the next story plot to come. Very nice vampire book to add to the list.


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